Crone Magic - Crone Wisdom

Published: 01st June 2009
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As I have aged, what have been shown to me by the Dark Mother are wonders that I could never have imagined. For this I am forever grateful.

Knowing that with age comes wisdom, magic takes on a whole new energy for me. Working with Crone Magic is scary for some because Her moon is the Dark Moon: The unknown, the void from which all things are created. This is not a moon for the faint of heart but for those that know and understand what the darkness represents and are not afraid to use it, to identify with it, to enjoy it and gain power from it.

If one desires to feel this power, here are a few insights that will help to make your Crone Magic powerful.

First of all the Dark Moon is also known as the waning crescent moon. It is related to the Sabbat of Samhain, which many call Halloween.

In the womb of darkness, the moon rests for three and one half days. During this time she is gathering information and laying the foundation for new ideas to take hold.

This is a time to perform spells for prophecy, cursing or chaos. Of course, if one curses another, they shall reap that which they have sown. "Do what ye will but harm none."

The Dark Moon energy is one of great power for any and all magical work. Justice can be sought during this moontime.

Taking time to go deep within, understanding, gaining knowledge of self ... the anger and the passion that courses through your blood, guiding these emotions to work in a most positive way.

The Dark Moon is excellent for deep meditation.

Black is the main color of Crone Magic. It is the absence of color, yet encompasses all colors. Black, which many are fearful of, represents protection and transformation. It dispels negative energy quickly. Black is also very good for banishing spells, the Divine Femi9, night, the universe or yoni-verse and lack of falsehood. One of the colors of the root chakra, the first chakra, is black. This is where lies your foundation in life.

Another Crone Magic color is purple. Ah, the Royal Dark Mother. Purple represents pure divine power, it deepens spiritual awareness and is used for gaining ancient wisdom and finding that which you seek. Purple: Psychic awareness and spirituality in a nutshell. This color is connected to the Third Eye Chakra or the All Seeing Eye, the sixth chakra.

Black is Saturn energy. Masculine. The world within, the Record Keeper, the Lord of Karma. When the head and the heart are united, Saturn has done its work.

Purple on the other hand, is Neptune energy. Neptune melts all barriers by being persuasive. It is a Femi9 vibration, exquisite. Neptune is Divine Love, intangible realms and the next dimension. With Neptune sacrifice is joy and there is no suffering.

Is there any doubt as to why these two colors are attributed to the Crone, her wisdom, her magic?

When one works or makes magic, they are using energy. Everything is energy and energy is used to create. Energy in and of itself, is pure. We give to it the intention and emotion of our will. Energy is not good or bad or right or wrong. It just is.

Now that you understand what energy is, you'll want to empower and use your Sacred Tools, such as herbs, stones, oils and any other items that are deemed sacred to you and by you. We use tools to help create an ambience that is conducive to magical work.

Within my Sacred Toolbox are musical instruments, such as a nutshell rattle to call up and shake off, bells, wooden sticks, feathers, candles, crystals, earth and water collected at certain times. I also have a doll that I made for special work on myself. These are just a few of my Sacred Tools.

You will want to have an area especially for your magical work. This is where you power lies outside of yourself. This is your altar or shrine space. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Sometimes one must use a portable altar because of circumstances, space being one of them. A portable altar is good for other reasons as well, like keeping it out of the way of prying eyes or simply for convenience.

Some things that represent the Crone energy are brooms, shells and bones. I found a great Crone figurine at a thrift store. She is working her broom with a black cat at her feet. I just love her. Thrift shops are fun to shop in and you never know where you are going to find your Sacred Tools.

You may even decide to use your creative talent to make a Crone doll, or a Magical Crone Collage, or you may even decorate a broom.

When making a Magical Crone Collage you will need magazines and/or newspapers, and possibly some other things to make your collage - like shells, mirrors, cotton, etc. You can cut and paste those things that represent the Crone energy, frame it and hang it where you can gaze upon it daily. This will help to empower your own Crone energy.

I love brooms. Decorating them is such a ritual for me. I use herbs, shells, bells and whatever else I'm guided to use. I call my broom the Sweep Yourself Clean Broom. One should always make sure to sweep the aura before doing work. It helps to have the spirit as clear as possible. If you don't have a broom a feather will do, or of course you can use your hands to do the trick.

Now that you have your Sacred Tools and a working knowledge of the Dark Moon and Her power and purpose, it is time for you to make magic happen in your life.

Crone Magic - Crone Wisdom is an awesome power. If you are a woman whose Sacred Blood no longer flows forth from her womb but continuously flows within, know that your wisdom is contained for the greater good and enjoy this aspect of your life. Be empowered and make magic.


Feminine Tidbit: The Egyptian hieroglyph for the womb of the underworld, where resurrection was brought about by the Mother-Heart of "transformations" is none other than the five-pointed star within a circle, the pentacle. - The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker

About Diva Mama Tonya:

Dr. Tonya K. Freeman, affectionately known as Diva Mama Tonya is Co-Founder of MOSA Radio Network with her husband Dr. Bill Pinder. On MOSA Radio, she is the host of Wisdom Talks, a program on Women's Empowerment and Wellness.

She is the organizer and facilitator of Awakening the Diva Within and Ancient Mysteries for Modern Women Workshops. Dr. Tonya is a Diva Advocate, Womb Shaman, Keynote Speaker, Inner Growth Consultant and Ancient Femi9 Wisdom Keeper.

Visit her at her website for more information.

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