Rites of Women: Red Moon Ritual

Published: 01st June 2009
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This particular ritual is for a woman who wants to be with herself to honor this time. She prepares herself by taking a shower to wash her body clean. She then washes out the tub and fills it with water adding bath salts, herbs and/or essential oils. With her dominate hand she charges the water intentionally blessing the end and the beginning, the death and the rebirth. She steps into the tub with reverence and allows her body to be embraced by the water of life.

Once the bath is complete, she dresses or not and begins the second part of her ritual smudging herself with Sacred White Sage. She then proceeds to honor the Four Directions, the Heavens, the Earth, and the Soul Essence. She draws a circle of protection moving clockwise, with the sweeping motion of a broom, one of the symbols of a Wise Woman. Sacred Space is created.

With candles lit and a song in her heart, she begins to chant and tone, the music of her soul. The dance begins. History is about to be told. She dances the dance of the young Maiden, the Mother and now the Elder. It is a beautiful story that her Ancestral Mothers are telling her. She and they are one.

The messages begin to come. She stops the dance and begins to write. The Wisdom of the Ancestral Mothers comes forth to share with her the beauty, fulfillment and purpose of this most empowering time of her life.

She sings praises for all that she has been, is and will become. She is a Woman Empowered because she accepts who she is.

She extinguishes the candles and sits in the stillness and darkness of the night. The energy of the Sacred Womb embraces her as she breathes in the essence of love and breathes out all things that are no longer for her highest good. She is quiet, contemplating, just simply being in the moment.

She opens the circle. A new life begins.

About Diva Mama Tonya:

Dr. Tonya K. Freeman, affectionately known as Diva Mama Tonya is Co-Founder of MOSA Radio Network with her husband Dr. Bill Pinder. On MOSA Radio, she is the host of Wisdom Talks, a program on Women's Empowerment and Wellness.

She is the organizer and facilitator of Awakening the Diva Within and Ancient Mysteries for Modern Women Workshops. Dr. Tonya is a Diva Advocate, Womb Shaman, Keynote Speaker, Inner Growth Consultant and Ancient Femi9 Wisdom Keeper.

Visit her at her website for more information.

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